I am like so stressed out now by my assignments, and i still gotta post!

Nah, I’m just joking. I don’t mind posting at all actually. I just gotta handle the stress, stress, stress!

Anyways, my sister’s dear friend just came back from the U.S.A recently, and brought back a ‘souvenir’ like none i could ever ask/hope for. Well, she bought sweet lil MACARONS back for my family. Okay, maybe you are wondering, “what the hell, is a Macaron for goodness sake?”

Well, these are Macarons,

These are Macarons, on Wikipedia,

And these are the one’s my sister friend bought.

These lil hamburger look-alike pastries originate from France. They are heavenly i tell you! They literally melt in your mouth when you take a bite. And they come in different flavours, like chocolate, strawberry etc. Woot! They do sell it in Singapore, but they’re not cheap here.

One day, i wish that those bakeries that open in the heartlands can sell Macarons too ( I’m just dreaming.)



5th Post.

Well, i was doing my assignments two days back. Yes, my assignments. Okay, I’m not here to rant about my assignments. The thing is, i was unhappily doing my assignments and i received this message from my mum saying : ” Please come down, our car window’s smashed.”

Of course i was stunned by the message when i saw it. I was thinking “what the hell had happened.” The first thing that came to my mind was a goddamn unlucky robbery had happened (duh!) So i went downstairs to the open-spaced car park to check it out.

So it turned out the car right rear window was smashed. Bits and pieces of broken glass were lying on the car seat. It was unsightly. My dad’s bag was stolen together with his laptop, and many other things in it. How lucky must my parents have been. Apparently it happened in good ole Malaysia (of course.) I wasn’t surprised when my mum told me it happened in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Apparently, it was my dad’s fault that he left his bag half-seen. Well he just covered his bad with a stack of newspapers lying on the ground, he was complacent enough to think that the thieves wouldn’t see it. Oh well, they saw it. It’s somehow ‘normal’ that such incidents happen in Johor Bahru to Singaporeans, especially. Thus, I’m too busy to rant about it (i know, its an excuse for my laziness to blog.)

Such things happens in life and we won’t know when it happen, so we can only suck it up and carry on with life.  Back to the assignments! Crap.

Just another post..

I’m really so wasted.

I obviously am still in my “holiday” mood although I’m already into week 5 of school semester. I have been rushing all my homework at the last minute, and it’s strenuous. I guess time doesn’t stop, sit down and wait for me, while I’m still laze around. I have been feeling weird lately, my body just ain’t feeling right. I can’t explain it, it’s just plain uncomfortable.

I was just watching ‘The Arena’ on TV. That show is where two schools “fight” it out or rather debate every week on a certain topic. I think the show is not really that mundane and boring as how debates normally are. But i really can’t stand one thing about the show, and that is how the debaters dress. They look practically like idiots wearing what they wear debating on national television. I wonder what their stylists are up to.

I understand where the show is heading to, where they are trying to change the stereotyping of debates where people think that they are boring and all. The name of the show, ‘The Arena’ is kind of catchy. And i know they are trying to make the show more ‘hip’ by dressing the debaters up in a more fashionable way. But frankly, they aren’t. Seeing what they are wearing, i would rather they stick to their good ole school uniforms!

And seriously, one of the judges on the show freaks me out totally!

Anyhow, congratulations to Manchester United for being crowned the champions of the Barclays Premier League 07/08. There’s always the next season for you, Arsenal.

Post Three.

At this moment, i really don’t know what to blog about for my weekly post. Nothing interesting happened to catch my attention, other than the tiring assignments. So you can guess how boring my life is.

I guess the most interesting thing to happen to me this past week was that we had a day off, thanks to the “Labour day” holiday, on the 1st of May. Not very interesting, huh? Then it dawned on me that we just had a quarter of the year pass us by. I guess this is the most unproductive year that i have lived in my life, because other than my polytechnic school life, i have been doing nothing. Assignment are ever piling up and good old stress is starting to kick in. Yes, i need that to push myself. Otherwise i would be stoning again.

Another rather meaningful thing that i did was to chill out with my friend a few times in the past week up till the wee hours of the morning. My friend i tell you, he’s one kid wonder when it comes to musical instruments, he plays the piano and guitar fucking well (well, at least to my friends & I.) And we would chill out, smoke and blabber. Well, he still has 3 more months of break till his school, which starts in August, so i guess he still can afford slack all he want.

i was browsing through someone’s blog and it caught my attention of how this person blogged. Well,

  • he blogs
  • like this
  • like,
  • i went to school this morning and had a stomachache
  • then, i went home to cook a chicken for my mother
  • my mother ate it and said it was delicious
  • that’s the story of my life. (:

Well, it appeared seriously very hilarious to me ( no offense to that person though, and i hope you don’t read this) But, this is such a “unique” way to type. I don’t know if it’s funny to you, but it was really funny when i first saw it. It was like for every post. I went like what the fuck!

I’m tired and low due to the lack of all the puffing. Bye.

Are taxi drivers con-men.

So my friend & I were waiting outside school today, so eager to get into a cab and go grab a bite. As usual, it was the peak hour, and the stretch of road outside school was packed with cars and the traffic was slow moving. It was only after 10 long minutes that we finally got a cab. We got into the cab and told the taxi uncle where we were heading to.Then you know the uncle would ask you which route you would want to travel by. So being such a nice guy, he asked us whether he could go by Bukit Timah road. My friend and i thought that that was the normal route to go by, so we agreed to it.

It was only after halfway through the journey that we realized that he had gone the long way. You see, he had a option to go a shorter route, which was to make a turn into Bukit Batok, rather than going straight and traveling one big round to reach our destination. This was when my friend and stared at each other blankly and felt so damn cheated by that taxi uncle.

The taxi fare in the end was a friggin’ 10.80, including the goddamn peak hour surcharge. At this point of time, it appears to me that taxi drivers are all con-men. I guess I’m just stereotyping now. But some taxi uncles are really out there to con money from their passengers. Maybe he just find teenagers like my friend and i to be naive little bastards, whom they can prey on. Maybe in their eyes we resemble a person with a long beard, wearing a long red robe and gives out free gold bars to everyone.

Too bad, this is good old Singapore where our cost of living is so damn high. Where the government just love to suck the money out of us.

I just recently visited my nearby food court, and was shocked to find out that they raised the price of one bowl of fish soup noodles. It now costs $3.60, and you got to pay a extra of 20cents for takeaway (which i always do). That totals up to $3.80!

And i thought food courts were supposed to provide us with affordable food.

P.s. taxi uncles, please pick on your customers to con.

Numero uno.

Well, i think i can count this weblog as my ‘so-called’ first blog. I had another blog a few years back. I guess when i was around primary 6 and secondary 1. Well, whatever. I was really making a fool out of myself when i had a blog then. It was total crap and rubbish and bullshit, trust me.

I’m not really a person who is fond of blogging. Some of my friends have blogs, and i’m really put off by their blogs, simply because their blogs makes no sense (no offense.) But i guess by owning a blog, it’s easier for people to voice out, or to even share your opinions with people. People not only in your social circle, but even internationally. Seeing how easy it is to use a computer and log on to the internet nowadays, i guess almost anyone can access into your blog.

Okay. Let me see, i really don’t know what to blog about. I guess i just need to show that i did actually blog over the post week, since it’s an assignment (ha!) I guess i will skip doing a proper post this week.